Governance self-assessment

Use this assessment for a quick health check of your organization’s governance. This is not concerned with individual compliance requirements, but with the governance framework and processes as a whole. For many purposes, the value of this assessment lies not in the actual answers to the questions, but in the ease — or otherwise! — with which you can answer them. The "don’t know" answers are the most important.

You can download the assessment results as a PDF or editable document, to use as you wish within your organization.

Confidentiality and privacy

The assessment is entirely confidential and anonymous. We do not ask for or collect any information to identify you or your organization. Even if you separately contact us (for example, through the Contact form) we do not make any connection between the assessment answers and your contact details.

Part 1: Governance framework

A governance framework is a set of documents and systems used to achieve corporate governance, typically including a values statement, policies, compliance requirements, and the mechanisms and procedures for managing, auditing, and communicating these.

Does the organization have anything that people would recognize as a governance framework (possibly under another name)?

Does the organization have a written statement of governance objectives?

Does the organization have a system of corporate governance?

Does anyone monitor and report on the effectiveness of the organization’s corporate governance as a whole?

Part 2: Policies

Is there agreement in your organization about what ‘policy’ means? Is there a written definition?

How quickly could you produce a list of all the policies currently in effect?

Does your organization have all — and only — the policies it should have?

Who in your organization has authority to issue a new policy?

Suppose there was litigation and as a matter of document discovery you were required to produce every policy that was in effect on a given day two years ago. Complying with this request would be:

Pick any position at random from your organization chart. Can you easily get answers to these questions:

Part 3: Compliance requirements

A compliance requirement is any formal obligation that means the organization must do something that it otherwise might not do, or must not do something that it otherwise might do. This includes legal and statutory requirements, management standards like ISO 9001, listing rules, professional and industrial standards, etc.

The Board asks for a list of all the compliance requirements to which your organization is subject. How long would it take to prepare?

Do any of the compliance requirements carry personal liability for your directors or executives?

If you answered Yes to the previous question, are those directors and executives aware of their liabilities and do they understand the implications?

For each compliance requirement, can you easily get answers to these questions:

For any activity picked at random in your workplace, can you easily get answers to these questions:

Are you confident that your organization can prove that it is doing everything it should to meet its obligations?

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